Clyde Edward Castleberry

Clyde Castleberry began his career as a salesman with Marshall & Bruce Co. in 1957.  Marshall & Bruce supplied county government offices with permanent record books, custom printing and legal forms.  Mr. Castleberry was responsible for the northern half of Georgia and called on the Clerks of Superior Courts, Ordinary/Probate Courts, Justice of the Peace/Magistrate Court, Sheriff’s and County Commissioner offices selling all types of record books, dockets, legal forms and record room equipment.  In the mid 1970’s Marshall & Bruce began phasing out the County/City Government aspect of their business.  Mr. Castleberry seized the opportunity to serve this market and started his own business.  In May of 1977 Clyde Castleberry Co. was incorporated and began doing business statewide.  In the beginning the business operated out of Mr. Castleberry’s father-in-law’s hardware store and in the basement of two family members homes.  In 1982, Mr. Castleberry purchased land adjacent to his home home in Covington, Georgia, where a permanent building was built and has served as headquarters ever since.

Here at Clyde Castleberry Co., Inc. we strive to provide top quality products and services at competitive prices that our customers have come to expect during our 31 years in business.  We take pride in offering a wide variety of products from permanent record books to custom printing to steel equipment and all types of paper for daily indexes and yearly printouts.  We have an experienced staff that know the business and have many years of experience between them:  Pam Banks – 29 years, Irene Ivey – 25 years, and Renea Anglin – 23 years.

Mr. Clyde was very proud to see his grandson Craig become the 3rd generation in the business.  Craig started working part time in 1996 during high school and continued working though college, where he obtained a BBA from Georgia College & State University.  Craig has been working full time for the last four years and already has 14 years experience in the business at 28.  This is possible because of the loyalty of all our customers through the years.

Thank you for visiting our new website and feel free to give us a call if you need any further information on any of our products or services.  We appreciate the opportunity to serve you and your office.

Lester M. Castleberry


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