Permanent Record Paper

We cut our paper down to size in-house.  The typical sizes are letter-size (11" x 8 1/2") and legal-size (14" x 8 1/2").  We are able to provide non-standard sizes as well.  These papers come in 24lb., 28lb. 32lb. and 36lb. typically, and are available in a Xerographic finish, also called bright white, and No. 1, or Linen Ledger finish.  The Xerographic finish is smoother and brighter than the No. 1, which is more off white and has a more textured feel.  

Reams of paper can be finished in a number of ways.  The most typical finish has round holes, plain edges and square corners.  We also offer rectangular holes, rounded corners, green/speckled edging and page numbering.

This permanent record paper is the highest quality, linen ledger available, meant for recording your county/city's most important documents, not just for day to day use in the copier.

Standard Copy Paper

For your everyday use, we offer top quality laser-jet copy paper.  Available in 20lb., 22lb. and 24lb., these reams come pre-drilled with round holes, pre-punched with rectangular holes or without punching.  This paper is well suited for everyday tasks such as daily indexes or typical copier use, not for permanent records.

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